Good Samaritan Saves Ducklings After Accident


Several ducklings were rescued today by a good Samaritan after she observed the mama duck get hit by a car.  A woman driving on SR 522 (near 101st AVE NE) today was stopped for traffic when she saw a mama duck and her ducklings walk between the tires of the vehicle in front of her.  The vehicle, with no knowledge the ducks were under the car, started to go and the mama duck was injured after she was struck by a tire.

The alert citizen came to the aid of the ducklings as they started to scatter in the roadway.  She was able gather ducklings and secure them safely in a large bag.  The ducklings were brought to the station.  Officers were able to respond to the scene and rescue the mama duck.  The mama and ducklings were taken to the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell where the mama was stabilized prior to being transported to PAWS.

At this time, mama and ducklings are doing ok.  We are thankful to the citizen who took time out of her day to bring us the ducklings.

Although not an animal emergency room, the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine was kind enough to assist us today and provide assistance to this duck family. The Clinic does maintain a charitable fund for bird emergencies (for more information please visit their website  We are very grateful for their help with this incident.

For more information contact Captain Mike Johnson at